Bullet Magnet from Linux Magnetics is one of the transcendent equipment for inline magnetic partition of ferrous substances present in feeds. This manufactured Bullet Magnet has an incredible magnet encased in a packaging and place in the center of the arrangement. Ferrous particles of extremely little size are likewise caught and a ferrous contaminant free item is acquired. Bullet Magnet is accessible in standard sizes so they can be simple fit into existing procedure line.

Bullet Magnets


Bullet Magnet manufacturer
Bullet Magnet exporter
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  • Grain Processing
  • Flour Processing and Milling
  • Plastics Granular Processing
  • Pharmaceutical products chemical
  •  Plastic food stuff and mineral material.


The design of bullet magnets are aerodynamically shaped with a solid stainless steel nose cone, and further the magnets can be used anywhere in a pneumatic line system.


  • Easily installed
  • Highly effective and consistent performance
  • Flanges or connections made to your requirements
  • Easily cleaned
  • Ideal for free flowing powders and granules: plastics, food ingredients
  • Hygienic sealed quick release door


  • Permanent ferrite magnet
  • Capture Fe particles from 50 µm
  • Manual cleaning (wipe off)
  • Overall height 420 to 1300 mm
  • Suitable for ATEX II 1/2D