We Linux Magnetics is one of the fast growing manufacturers, exporters and supplier dealing with magnetic pulley of diverse specifications. We have developed in the midst of rivalry from competitors and this we commit to the severe quality checker and ceaseless incorporation of new innovation into our manufacturing process. Our magnetic head pulley is sold comprehensively as we satisfy worldwide guidelines.



  • Mobile crumbling plants
  • E-waste processing
  • Foodstuff handling units
  • Refractory industry
  • Mineral mining
  • Coal treatment
  • Waste recycling


The manufactured magnetic pulley has an easy to understand construction and operation. The parts that go into the creation of the magnetic pulley are the magnetic head of the pulley belts to pass on, lasting magnet in the pulley and a diverter. The crude materials that will be rinsed of iron impurities influences is fed on to the conveyor and when they achieve the magnetic head pulley incongruity particles if any will adhere to the conveyor while the others freely tumble down.


  • Easily installed in belt conveyor
  • Self-cleaning action
  • Continuous, permanent and power free
  • Super-tough, trouble free operation
  • Maximum power and separation
  • High Standard stainless steel shell
  • Fine construction
  • Low cost system to catch harmful metal


  • The offered Magnetic Pulley is perfect for programmed expulsion of undesirable iron from materials, conveyed on belts to counteract machinery harm and item pollution for sand, rock, limestone, recyclables, wood items, nourishment, compound, mining, shake items, fired, paper, plastic, elastic, coal dealing with and foundry activities.