We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Electro Magnetic Drum Separator that are manufactured of stainless steel and have cleats to aid in pulling tramp metal through and out of the magnetic field. The offered electromagnetic drum magnets are appropriate for use by metal processors, such as scrap-vehicle and first-world waste shredders for removing the iron directly from the shredded product in a one-or two-steps process. Here the largest pieces of iron are separated from the main flow so they do not cause problems or damage during the processing steps.


Electro Magnetic Drum Separator manufacturer
Electro Magnetic Drum Separator exporter
Electro Magnetic Drum Separator supplier


  • Extremely high purity quartz cleaning
  • Graphite Upgrading
  • Ceramic raw material cleaning
  • Refractory raw materials beneficiation
  • Cola cleaning / desulphurization
  • Chemical products upgrading


The offered Electromagnetic Drum Separators scrap is strong and robust, due to extreme conditions as coarse, sharp pieces of iron. Moreover the shell is made of a wear-resistant material. The enhancement and immersion of the steel in respect to the magnet curls have been completely augmented, bringing about an incredible and proficient magnetic field.


  • Low maintenance & High volume throughputs
  • Minimal spare parts required & Robust design
  • Wide range of Drum diameters and widths available
  • Available in Single / double and triple drum complete unit
  • Different magnet configurations available suited to individual needs
  • Enhanced separation compared to equipment such as Magnetic Pulleys


  • The offered electromagnetic drum separator is fully automatic and continuous during the production process. The electromagnet is controlled via a control box, which has three settings – eco power, nominal power and high power – and uses less current for less demanding tasks. If more magnetic power is desired, the setting can easily be changed.