Our organization has gained acknowledgment in the field of entire closeout of Eddy Current Separators that are utilized as a powerful magnetic field to isolate non-ferrous metals from waste after every single ferrous metal that have been evacuated already by some arrangement of magnets. The offered metal separators are open in different particulars. These are notable for their superb arranging limit. The gadget utilizes eddy currents to effect the separation. The eddy current impact shows up if non-ferrous channels of power are presented to a magnetic exchanging field. It absolutely separate aluminum, copper, metal and other non-ferrous metals from your item stream, metropolitan strong waste reusing, scrap buildup and different recyclables.


Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator Manufacturer
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  • Separation of non-ferrous chips
  • Aluminum scraps recovery in foundry sand reclamation
  • Glass cullet recycling
  • Wood waste processing
  • Aluminium extrusion recycling


These are designed by the rule that conductor can produce initiated current in the high recurrence substituting magnetic field. A solid high-visit magnetic exchanging magnetic field make on the surface of the arranging roller when it works ,at that point when conductive non-ferrous metal go through the magnetic field, eddy current will be instigated in the assortment of non-ferrous metals.


  • Solid structure with anti vibration pads
  • No loss of valuable material
  • Low maintenance
  • Protected other recycling equipment
  • High yields of non-ferrous metals recovery


  • Electronic waste management
  • Separate aluminum cans and iron metal
  • Separation of non ferrous metals from the boiler bottom ash
  • Separate aluminum or copper scrap from the waste car section
  • Separate nonferrous metals from the broken glass
  • Separate non-ferrous metal impurities from some production line
  • Separate non-ferrous metals from plastic Eddy Current Separators, eddy current ISO 9001:2008 Certified