Our association has mastered in manufacturing the best unique quality of Funnel Magnet that is incredible anisotropy permanent magnets with uncommon courses of action encased in a SS cylinder. The offered Funnel Magnets are generally utilized in the ceramics industries which are made of stainless steel/aluminum funnels. The liquid goes through the funnel and the changeless magnets joined eliminate the undesirable iron contaminants from the fluid by means of consistent hole between the funnel just as the magnet.



  • Mining and Mineral Industry
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Plastic and Glass Manufacturing Industry
  • Ceramic and Powder Handling Industry


We design the best Magnetic Funnel which is in rectangular slanting chute structures. The most important thing among these processes is the work of a machine with plate magnets. The magnetic rod in corporate present day anisotropic changeless magnets. Iron contamination in ceramic body & coating is in the form of small particles and are removed when it passes through uniform gap between funnel & magnet.


  • Easy Operation & Cleaning process
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Compact Design
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Premium quality cast
  • Excellent Productivity


  • This product is generally relevant in ceramic industries and is manufactured utilizing incredible anisotropic changeless magnets which are furnished with an extraordinary arrangement and are enclosed in a special cylinder. The offered range is extensively hues, fired coatings and in oil and in oil and chemical industries. Funnel Magnet is accessible to us in different measurements so as to meet with the differential needs of profitable clients.