Being the most regarded association guided by experienced and educated experts, we provide Inline Drum Magnetic Separator which is accessible for installation in the Feed lines, such as at the outlet of lift, screw transport. The Inline Drum Magnetic Separator is utilized for cattle feed plants, flour factories, refractories, glass, rice plant, minerals and numerous different items. The magnetic drum joins high intensity stroncium / rare earth magnets. We additionally offer this magnetic separator at industry driving costs, with no compromise on the quality.



  • Minerals and Chemicals
  • Food and Flour
  • Plastics
  • Grains
  • Sand
  • Fertilizers
  • Abrasives


This offered Inline Drum Magnetic Separator designed for constant separation and self cleaning and give consistent expulsion of ferrous contamination from a wide scope of free-streaming mass and granular materials in high-volume applications. It accompanies Stainless steel drum and gentle steel or stainless steel housings


  • Lower fitting expenses
  • Lower protection costs
  • Automatic Separation of Iron Impurities
  • Easy access to dust creation point
  • Strong & Rugged Construction


  • At the point when material streams onto the drum, a stationary magnetic gathering inside the unit's shell catches tramp metal and holds it safely to the drum's stainless steel surface. With contaminants evacuated, the great product falls unreservedly to a discharge point. As the drum rotates, cleats sweep the ferrous debris and out of the magnetic field. The tramp metal is released independently, making persistent self-cleaning separation.