Capitalizing on our infrastructural strength and market knowledge, we are engrossed in presenting a vast range of Rectangular Vibrating Screen which is one of the most versatile machines, which can perform the action of separating the liquid and solids such as Classification, Grading, Oversize Removal, De-dusting, De-watering, Fiber Recovery, Filtration or any type of SIZE based separation.


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  • Food Industry
  • Agro Industry
  • Ceramics Industry
  • Paper and Plastic Industry
  • Chemical Industry


The design of the machine is such that it makes the machine flexible to dissimilar processes and materials very easily. Further the vibro screen is having special heavy duty, robust motor, having out of balance weight at top and bottom. By changing their lead angle, various spiral-screening patterns are obtained to suit different application.


  • Low power utilization
  • Varied range of application
  • High preparing rate per unit region of screen
  • Accurate separation
  • Least screen building


  • Vibro Screens can also carry out a variety of functions jointly with transmission of any powder or granules, sifting and grading or arrangement, removal of oversize or foreign material before packing your finished product, undersize or chips or dust removal from powder as well as granules, solid liquid separation including filtration) and removal from slurry, syrup or oils from liquid stream.