We are considered to be leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of best quality of Gyro Screen which is the circular screens working with extraordinary vibratory engine granting vibration in numerous ways to the screen gathering. Gyratory motion is one of the most effective methods for screening; complete machine consists of Vibrating generating base which houses the vibratory motor and screening assembly with wire mesh or perforated sheet.


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  • Plastic and Polymer Industry
  • Minerals and Metals Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Herbal and Chemical Industry
  • Chemical
  • Ceramic
  • Dairy Industry
  • Soap and Detergent


The gyro screens are designed by multi-directional vibrators which prevents blinding of sieves. The screen works on principle of gyratory motion. Circular vibrating screen are with a most progressive design of screens for grading of fine, wet and difficult to screen materials. These are designed in such a manner that, these screens can handle wide range of materials including heavy, light, dry, wet or fine.


  • Low Space Requirements
  • Lower Noise Levels
  • Dust Proof Enclosed System
  • Accurate Separation Efficiency
  • Greater Capacity
  • Minimum Blinding
  • Longer Screen Life
  • No Transmitted Vibration


  • Gyro Screen Machines are commonly used to deal with all screening issues, for example, reviewing, sieving, scalping mass materials or isolating. These machines regularly cooperate to fabricate the finished result. Division screening and isolating errand is most significant for some enterprises for getting favored items. It is significant in light of the fact that it isolates crude material from a smasher or quarry into finder grades.