Backed with our rich manufacturing understanding in this field of manufacturing of Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder, we are keenly affianced in presenting a extensive assortment of the product. These feeders use both vibration and gravity to move material. The offered Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder is widely used to remove or receive material and transport it homogeneously for more processing. Besides this feeder is used in processing industries for handling all types of materials such as hot, damp, lump, dusty or uncompromising for a variety of functions like flow of material from storage, proportioning, packaging, mixing, weighting, sprinkling, scalping, crushing, washing, drying, heating, cooling, dusting, spreading, batching and bending etc.


Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder
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The offered assortment of Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder has been designed as a self discharging of bulk storage hopper capable of storing and then discharging components or materials in a controllable continuous stream. Mainly apt for machinery or products that mesh or do not feed well from static hoppers, the vibro feeder abolishes many of the interruptions in production that can occur with more conventional systems.


These offered Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder is designed to discharge large volumes of material into hopper to gain the required production rate. The Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder consists of a tray made out of Mild steel or Stainless Steel and the body housing. The controller of Vibrator gives the controlled flow of the material. With an appropriate deck slope, high-frequency vibration affords conveying speeds as high. This vibration is maintained even with varying line power fluctuation.


  • Selected vibrating technology
  • Diminutive in size and light in weight
  • Trouble-free structure, Trouble-free to install and use, Squat maintenance cost
  • High competence and feeding capacity
  • Good equipped reliability and easy adjustment


Linux Magnetics is occupied with offering Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder that is utilized in preparing for dealing with a wide range of materials, for example, hot, moist, knotty, dusty or grating for differing capacities. The capacity of the feeder is in consistent methodical, volumetric stream that is abundant conflicting with assistance of controller. Further the feeder is generally used to control mass item stream in mass taking care of plants, similar to coke, quartz, mineral, concrete, glass and numerous different ventures.