With an aim to provide higher satisfaction to our clients, we are here with wide array of superior quality Garnet Magnetic Separator. The manufactured Garnet Magnetic Separator is used to separate the iron ores from the mineral resources that can be used in abrasives, jewelry and other industries. The effect of magnetic separation of garnet is worthy of recognition. But it doesn't mean that all the garnet can be recovered by magnetic separation because most of the garnet does not have good magnetic permeability.



  • Bauxite cleaning
  • Diamond beneficiation
  • Lime stone and dolomite cleaning
  • Chromite recovery


These are commonly manufactured as uniquely designed where the separation is required to the most noteworthy purity of material .The material to be made free of iron particles is ignored the principal magnetic garnet separation and again in proceeds with procedure bolstered to the second and comparatively to the third.


  • Maintenance is simple and easy
  • Separation in Single and multiple stage
  • Belt can be changed without using tools
  • Automatic adjustments for increasing or decreasing tension
  • Very compact in construction


  • The rocks that were being eroded contained garnet, a heavy mineral that is resistant to erosion Magnetic separation of mineral particles depends on the magnetic amounts of iron or manganese, and atomic lattice structure. The offered Garnet Magnetic Separator is having a high gradient, high intensity, rare earth permanent magnet that produces exceptionally pure output matching the required standards.