We are well-rumored manufacturer and supplier of radiant quality Magnetic Plate utilizing refined quality crude materials to ensure both nature of plate magnets and consumer loyalty's. Magnetic Plates are significant industrial iron separators that are utilized for the separation of fine ferrous materials and tramp iron from numerous kinds of free streaming and pneumatically passed on material like corn, sugar, flour, rock, plastic and others granular materials.

Magnetic Plate


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  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Sand
  • Cattle feeds
  • Fertilizers


Design of the Magnetic plate is basic in making as the face is made of a square or rectangular plate underneath it is an uncommon earth magnet. This set up accompanies varieties long, breath and thickness to match definite necessities.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient to install
  • Welded for robust creation
  • Available in varying magnetic strength
  • Customization is possible
  • Handling is easy


  • Our association offers these magnetic plates at customers-budget friendly costs. We have profoundly qualified and experienced experts who hold specialization the space of Plate Magnets manufacturing industry. The Plate Magnet is a sustenance grade magnet utilized generally in preparing. The modern magnetic plate comes into direct contact with eatable things in industrial production line and it's required that standards are followed.