Linux Magnetics Pvt Ltd is a reputed dealer in manufacturing and exporting of gauss meters in India. The manufactured gauss meter is an instrument that indicates the strength of a magnetic field at any point directly in gauss. These offered instruments offer a static measurement. The test is put in the ideal estimating area and the gauss meter estimates the motion thickness by then.



  • Broadly useful of instrument is to precise motion thickness estimation on attractive and electromagnetic segments, for example, transfers, DC engines, magnets, amplifiers, and so on. It is entirely pertinent for online generation testing.


The offered entire Gauss Meter is placed with in a plastic casing which has attachments to be placed on a stable surface as well as to be portable. Gaussmeters are excellent for measuring the flux density of air gaps in loudspeakers, motors etc. The digital display is of LED light and is clearly visible at all angles.


  • Standardized in true gauss with high accuracy
  • Accessible in numerous full scale readings with jeweled movement
  • Large 2-1/2" face for easy reading
  • High constancy magnets ensuring long life
  • Optional padded cases available
  • Customer transfer standards available


  • We are offering a gauss meter which is also known as a magnetometer, which is a measurement device designed to measure the direction and strength of a magnetic field. These products are also accessible in small, hand held form, which can be easily carried by a person to monitor magnetic fields as they walk.